Arts and Culture

Arts & Culture

The 16,000 seat Jordan Center hosts circuses, sports exhibitions, family shows, commencements, lectures, and Big Ten Basketball, as well as some of the top-name performers in the music entertainment industry.
Penn State University (Penn State’s large music venue)
127 Bryce Jordan Center, University Park, PA  16802
(814) 865-5555 or 800-863-3336

818 Pike Street, Lemont,  PA   16851-0811

(814) 234-2740
Exhibits, art education and arts benefits

Ballet Theatre of Central Pennsylvania and Central Pennsylvania Youth Orchestra
3006 Research Dr.
Suite D-1, State College, PA  16801

101 Eisenhower Auditorium, University Park,  PA   16802
(814) 863-0255
Symphonies, musicals and dance

Happy Valley Film Festival
509 Marjorie Mae Street
State College , PA 16801

The HUB-Robeson Galleries include HUB Gallery (located on the first floor of the HUB-Robeson Center), Robeson Gallery (located on the bookstore level of the HRC), Art Alley (first floor), the Exhibit Cases (first floor).
241 HUB-Robeson Center, University Park, PA  16802
(814) 865-2563

Bellefonte, PA 16823
Toll-Free: 888-221-6670
Utilizing local, regional, national and world-renowned performing artists and composers. JazzPAstrives to develop appreciation for jazz as a living art form by working to preserve and advance the diverse legacies and traditions of jazz, presenting financially accessible jazz year-round in concert, cabaret, festival and scholastic settings and providing opportunities for artist and community interaction.

258 Country Club Lane, P.O. Box 151, Mill Hall, PA  17751

Calvery Baptist Church,
1250 University Dr., State College, PA  16801

444 E. College Ave., State College, PA  16804

137 Arts Building, University Park, PA  16802
Ticket Center: (814) 863-0255

Curtin Road
, Penn State University, University Park, PA  16802

233 Music Building I, University Park, PA  16802
(814) 865-0431

P.O. Box 675, State College,  PA   16804

P.O. Box 23, State College,  PA   16804